Cyber security is a threat to every business, no matter the size. TriOrb Solutions brings highly customized, cost-effective IT security solutions to protect your organization. TriOrb Solutions personalized approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise, catering to the specific needs of your company. Cyber-attacks and digital spying are among the top threats to our national security. Network outages, compromised data, computer viruses, and a host of other cyber assaults can cause minor inconveniences or endanger lives, assets, and confidential information.

Our range of cyber security products and services can help you negotiate the risks of operating a business in a world dominated by the Internet. With our broad spectrum of cyber security services, we’re well positioned to help you with the specific security requirements of your business. Our solutions can be provided as either fully managed solutions, customer owned solutions, or a combination of the two. Our Security Operations Center monitors and manages the cyber security solutions we provide 24 x 7, for your peace of mind.

Cyber Security Strategy

• Cyber Security Awareness Training
• Compliance requirements
• Business Continuity
• Cyber Staff Augmentation
• Security Assessment
• Business Impact Analysis

Cyber Managed Services

• Behavioral analysis
• Big data analytics
• Threat intelligence & hunting
• Proactive incident response
• 24/7 monitoring

Cyber Incident Response

• Identification
• Containment
• Eradication
• Recovery
• Hardening

Cyber Services

• Penetration Testing
• Vulnerability Scans
• Cyber Audits
• PCI & HIPAA Assessments
• Security Awareness & Training