Our Culture

TriOrb Solutions was founded in 2012 and our goals are the today as they were then - to enable our employees by empowering their education, motivating and challenging them to take the next step in personal development. Every individual provides a unique set of perspectives, talents, and experiences that make TriOrb Solutions more effective.

Regardless of your belief system, good spiritual health can promote healthy living, sound decision making, meaningful relationships, a sense of life’s purpose and meaning – all of which we need to live our lives well. The opportunity to get hands-on training as well as attending schools and certification courses are key elements in TriOrb’s mission to create an environment for our family to grow and thrive.

We want to develop fully skilled and qualified Information Technology and Telecommunication professionals to become part of our family. The future is in their hands as they support and augment the commercial and government technology ecosystems already in existence.

The CEO is committed to enabling personal growth for our employees which, in turn, enables our TriOrb family to achieve unlimited success.

Our Mission

To integrate technology systems for diverse industries to enable success in the modern business environment.

Our Vision

To see every business utilizing Telecommunications and IT technology in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

Our Core Values is B.R.E.A.T.H.E.
Be Present – be in the moment. Be grateful that we are given the opportunity to grow, learn, and to challenge ourselves and help others.
Relax - Take a breath. It will calm your mind and unleash your potential.

Enthusiasm - is one of your greatest assets. It is better than money, power or influence–with enthusiasm you become the master of these.

Agility - enables us to courageously face our challenges with a sense of ease while rolling with life’s curve balls.

Team - work helps boost the morale of our TriOrb family. Working together as a team requires trust and shared values.

Humility - keeps you balanced in life.

Excellence is the last key to our core values. Set Humongous Goals to make you better and our family achieve excellence.